Bringing Catholic Back

In light of recent things that have been happening in our Government and in our world, I think that it is indeed time as Catholics to step up, to stand out, and to bring our Catholic faith back. If we look out upon the world we live in we see, violence, drugs, and sexual immorality. And now in America we as Catholics see the Government supporting and enacting laws that are in favor of these things that are absolutely against our Moral Consciences, and our beliefs as members of Christ’s church on Earth. We see babies ripped from their mother’s womb, chopped into bits, and vacuumed up and out like trash. We see men and men or women and women instead of living healthy chaste centered lives engaging in acts that are un-conducive to life, union in the sense God intended Marriage to be, and many find that it is okay. We have teenagers and unwed couples, living together and having children. We find that drugs are easy to get ahold of by most youth, tv commercials encourage young girls to dress sexually inviting and to be attractive to the lusts of men’s eyes. How many of us would want a man looking at our daughter with ideas for sex, pleasure, lust? No we would want nothing but love and honor for her. But why then do we not speak up, when we let them out of the house to school, wearing that?

Why then do we not speak up when we see that TV ad, or see that billboard? In our country today it is easier than ever to get ahold of pornography and contraceptions then ever before. It has become socially acceptable. But it shouldn’t be. How many of us have blocks put up on our internet, on our computers, and networks for the protection of our children’s eyes? When was the last time that you spoke out against such alarming ideas? When was the last time that you gave your children a talk on morals, and why you weren’t just hating on their clothing style, or the ways their friends dressed? When was the last time, you took your children with you to stand in front of an abortion mill, or knelt together at home to pray for an end to abortion and euthanasia?

What then is out problem? How do we counter-act the damage that has and still is being done to out society?

We must start at home, and we must start with our Faith. We must bring our Catholic Faith back out into the Public Square, we must instill our values in our children, we must not send our children to Mass, we must take them to Mass with us. We must be the example and help our children in understanding. And if there is something we don’t understand about our Faith then we must strive to learn, so that we can share it with our children as well. The Home is the first school. It is the first learning environment. It is where our Catholic Faith takes root, and is passed on to our children, it is where the rules of society are formed, sponsored and shared.

We can and must take the blame for allowing our Society to become the way that it has, but we must also be willing to act immediately in recalling these so called societal norms and teach the world the dangers and errs of its ways. We must proclaim the Gospel in all aspects of our lives, following Francis of Assisi in preaching it at all times, and using words only if necessary. We must be heralds of the Gospel message firstly to our homes and families, then to our world.

The changing of the society starts at home, the ending of abortion, pornography, violence, and euthanasia all start at home. And our Catholic Faith is where we get the weapons and tools to wage war and be the change in our world. It is where we receive the strength to claim the world back for Christ. We must not be afraid to take a stand, we must not be afraid of what our friends will think, we must stand up for Christ, stand up for Morality, stand up for life, stand up for America.

We must Bring Catholic Back!

Published by Father Corey D. Bruns

I'm a Priest of the Diocese of Owensboro, KY and Parochial Vicar of Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Bowling Green, KY.

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