Gaudete, Gaudete! Iterum dico vobis, Gaudete!

Rejoice, Rejoice! Again I say to you, Rejoice! is the translation of the above Latin title for this post. 

Today is the third Sunday of Advent, otherwise known as Gaudete Sunday. (“You need to Rejoice” Sunday) The church’s ministers don themselves in Rose colored Vestments today as a sign that this penitential season of Advent is almost over. The only other time Rose is worn is on Laetare Sunday during Lent. The purpose behind this color, and it being used so infrequently is to draw our attention to wait a moment!  It is almost time! It’s almost here! Am I ready?

Hopefully today you are rejoicing that the coming of our Lord is less than 10 days away. Are you ready for his coming? Have you gone to confession so that you are worthy to receive him on Christmas morning? Have you been keeping up with your prayers? Praying and meditating on the mystery of the Incarnation? If not, that’s what today is for! To tell us to get up, get ready, be prepared for the coming of our Lord. CHRISTmas is coming! Jesus is coming! Get ready! Rejoice! Our Rector at Bruté, Father Bob tells the story of a professor of his, upon hearing 2 Dominicans discuss the Mystery of the Hypostatic Union “Christ being both Fully Divine and Fully Man” said to them in a Jersey accent: “You wanna know about the Hypostatic Union? Well I’ll tell ya! It’s a Mystery! Go Home!”

Did you see Rose vestments today? I did!

We rejoice today that our Lord is coming. Veni, Veni Emmanuel! Come Lord and do not delay! Have a blessed “wake-up” call Sunday and remainder of Advent!

Gaudete, Gaudete! Iterum dico vobis, Gaudete!!!



Published by Father Corey D. Bruns

I'm a Priest of the Diocese of Owensboro, KY and Parochial Vicar of Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Bowling Green, KY.

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