After having my Parents, Grandmother, and Sister come up and spend the weekend here in Indy, I thought that I would share this poem. I am so thankful that I got to spend time with them. I haven’t had an opportunity to see my grandmother since Thanksgiving, so it was really nice that I was able to see her again and I am glad that she was able to come.

The meal they cooked today was absolutely delicious and there are a TON of leftovers. So, guess who is not eating at Marian this week. 🙂

Thanks for coming guys, I love you and miss you! See you again soon!

The poem that follows is a beautiful representation of how much you realize you love someone when you don’t get to see them all too frequently.

+In His Mercy,

I don’t think you will
ever fully understand
how you’ve touched my life
and made me who I am.

I don’t think you could ever know
just how truly special you are
that even on the darkest nights
you are my brightest star.

I don’t think you will ever fully comprehend
how you’ve made my dreams come true
or how you’ve opened my heart
to love and the wonders it can do.

You’ve allowed me to experience
something very hard to find
unconditional love that exists
in my body, soul, and mind.

I don’t think you could ever feel
all the love I have to give
and I’m sure you’ll never realize
you’ve been my will to live.

You are an amazing family
and without you I don’t know where I’d be.
Having you in my life
completes and fulfills every part of me


Published by Father Corey D. Bruns

I'm a Priest of the Diocese of Owensboro, KY and Parochial Vicar of Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Bowling Green, KY.

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