Gasper River Update

Gasper River Update

I am on Summer Staff at Gasper River Catholic Youth Camp & Retreat Center this summer, so here is just a quick update before I head off to clean. We started Staff training on Monday and will finish today, have a short break and then we will go back to the wheel on Sunday. There are 16?? members on Staff and each one brings their unique talents and gifts to the table in a fantastic manner. We have bonded, trained, and worked together these past 3 days and I am so thankful that I get to be a part of Salvation History here this summer. Yesterday we led the Briarwood Elementary School 5th and 6th graders around in leadership and team building activities including Low Elements courses. Needless to say, that even though we couldn’t share Christ with them by name, we all strove to lead and share by example. I am looking forward to working here this summer with this amazing group of people. God is good! And he is doing wonderful things here at Gasper River Catholic Youth Camp and Retreat Center! Pray for me, I will remembered you all in prayer this morning!

Published by Father Corey D. Bruns

I'm a Priest of the Diocese of Owensboro, KY and Parochial Vicar of Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Bowling Green, KY.

2 thoughts on “Gasper River Update

  1. (Edited for Personal Information)
    Hi Corey:
    Sounds like you have an exciting and fulfilling summer planned! I’m sure that you will be an inspiration to all you meet and work with.
    Do you remember that Grandma Bruns will be 90 (Yikes!) next Monday the 20th? (Edited for personal content) I’m sure that she would appreciate a Happy Birthday call if you, Emily, or Brody have a chance. Her number is (Edited for personal content). She certainly appreciated the last call that you made to her. She tries not to show that she is lonely, but after 70 years, she has to be. She does really seem to enjoy her apartment and the new friends that she has made and she is now attending (Edited for personal content) Church (across from the apartment building) and Sunday School. And, the Sunday School Class goes out to lunch afterwards most Sundays. So that is very nice that they have included her.

    I really do enjoy your blog that you send, and I print off most everything for Grandma so that she can keep up to date with you.
    Take care….you are a wonderful, caring Christian young man…proud to be your Aunt!!


    Aunt Marlene

    1. Aunt Marlene,
      Yes! It is going to be an exciting and very fulfilling summer! I am really looking forward to it. When I called Grandma the last time and she said that she was going to be turning 90, I made sure to put a reminder in my phone. It is amazing that she has had so many years of wisdom and experience under her belt! I have been counting down the days to call her. The one thing that is hard in seminary is that I can’t go back home for visits. I really miss seeing everyone. I am so thankful that I called to talk to her and Grandpa the day before he passed. Even though I didn’t get to talk to him, I could still hear him in the background and it really meant a lot to me.

      That’s wonderful that the church has welcomed her, when we plant our lives on the firm foundation of Christ, it makes everything else so much easier. I think she said in her letter that her parents went there for 20+ something years. Wow! Thank-you for printing things off for her to read and thank-you for your message! Love you both and hopefully I can make it up to Quincy sometime soon. Pray for me! I am praying for you!

      -In His Mercy,

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