Last night in Kentucky/Summer in Review/The Assumption

Well, the time is finally here. Tomorrow morning I leave for Indianapolis. I have had so many great experiences this summer. I got to spend the summer working at an amazing Catholic youth camp with a fantastic group of men and women, who I am proud to call my friends. I have grown spiritually and gained new pastoral skills. I lost 30 lbs at camp! 🙂 I made some great new friends at St. Joseph’s in Bowling Green. I learned more Spanish and Latin. Got a new pair of tennis shoes. Worked on vocation promos with my brother seminarian at my parish and started a new breviary last week. I met with the new Vocation Director and spent time with my brother seminarians. Packed the Jeep up, just moved my sister into Murray and am getting ready to eat and say goodbye. It has been a full summer. It has been a busy summer. It has been a beautiful and peaceful summer. It has been the best of times and the worst of times. But thanks be to God that it has been HIS time and for HIS glory. Please pray for me as I continue to strive to give God my fiat with the help of his Blessed Mother. Pray for my family as we three triplets move back to our respective schools. Pray for my brother seminarians at Bruté that this may be a fruitful year. Pray for my brother diocesan seminarians as they head back to school and for more vocations in my Diocese. I will continue to keep you all in prayer as we continue through the year. Thinking of the summer I am reminded of 2 Timothy 4:7; “I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the Faith.” And then as I prepare for this new year my favorite quote: Psalm 115:1 :”Non nobis Domine, Non nobis Domine, Sed tuo da gloriam.” “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to thy name be the glory!”

Lastly, tomorrow is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. The Assumption is a Dogma of the Faith. Thus we as Catholics are required to believe the miracle that because of our Blessed Mother’s holiness, virginity and sinlessness, God did not allow death (the just punishment for sin) to enter her body. It is a Holy Day of Obligation, or as some like to call it: a day of opportunity! So, go to Mass! Give thanks to God for the work he has done in your life and ask his Blessed Mother to watch over you. And while there say an Ave for me!

+In His Mercy,


Published by Father Corey D. Bruns

I'm a Priest of the Diocese of Owensboro, KY and Parochial Vicar of Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Bowling Green, KY.

2 thoughts on “Last night in Kentucky/Summer in Review/The Assumption

  1. Dear Corey! Thank you for your blogs. I always enjoy them, especially the ones about what you are doing. I hope you have a wonderful, fruitful 2013-2014 year. Drive safe, you are carrying precious cargo. Going to church, you will be in my prayers. Love you so much. Grams

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