Remembering Nathan Trapuzzano

Beautiful tribute to Nathan Trapuzzano!

For Christ and the Church

In my first years as a priest, on Tuesday evenings during the academic year I drove from the parish where I was assigned in Carmel to spend some time with the Catholic students at the Newman Center at Ball State.  My visits involved an hour conference on some aspect of the faith and exposition the Blessed Sacrament in the church.  During Eucharistic Adoration I  heard confessions while the students were praying.  Most of the time I stayed afterwards to give students who desired it spiritual direction.  At the request of my bishop, once a month I celebrated a Latin Mass at Saint Mary in Muncie before going to the Newman Center at Saint Francis.

One of the Ball State students who faithfully attended these Tuesday evenings was Nathan Trapuzzano.    Nathan was a classics student who enjoyed teaching me a thing or two about Latin.


There were two things beyond his command of Latin letters that impressed me about Nathan from the start. …

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