“We can have the most beautiful Liturgy in the World, but without love it is for nothing.”


The video below is of Archbishop Alexander Sample’s homily on the Liturgy, which he offered on Quinquegesima Sunday at the Brigittine Monastery of Our Lady of Consolation. Wow! Wonderful homily. One of my favorite quotes from it is: “We can have the most beautiful Liturgy in the World, but without love it is for nothing.” The Mass is not about us, but about Christ. Everything we do is a call to give the glory to God that is due him. The Liturgy is a wonderful opportunity to grow in our love of Christ and deepen our faith. Beautiful liturgies have played a great part in my life, especially in inspiring my vocation. I give thanks for being able to be a part of many beautiful liturgies over the year. We are blessed to celebrate beautiful liturgies at the seminary and it really adds to the spiritual growth that our men experience at Bishop Bruté. The love of the priests in my life for God has shown by how they celebrate the Mass and it trull has deepened my faith.

No matter whether the Mass is celebrated in the Novus Ordo, Byzantine, Dominican, Carmelite, Extraordinary, or another Rite/Form the Liturgy is a way to bring Heaven to Earth, to interact with the people in a very real way and draw them closer to God. Our love of God should echo in the ways in which we attend and celebrate Mass. Our movements, gaze, voice, everything we do leads us to God in extremely intimate ways.

May Our Lady queen of priests, always help priests and those who assist them to celebrate beautiful liturgies, truly worthy of the sacrifice being offered. As we near Holy Week and the Triduum, may our hearts and minds be on Christ, the mysteries we celebrate, and may we be granted the graces to serve at his Altar’s worthily, and with much love. Amen.


Published by Father Corey D. Bruns

I'm a Priest of the Diocese of Owensboro, KY and Parochial Vicar of Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Bowling Green, KY.

2 thoughts on ““We can have the most beautiful Liturgy in the World, but without love it is for nothing.”

  1. Thank you for your post! I think it is necessary for me, as someone who is frequently involved in providing music at Masses, to keep in mind that a concern for beautiful liturgy should not get in the way of love. An unrelated question, if you don’t mind. How did your discernment lend itself more towards the diocesan priesthood rather than a religious order? I am increasingly feeling called towards the priesthood but have never really given the diocesan priesthood much consideration.

    1. J,
      In fact, beautiful liturgy leads us to LOVE more!!

      No problem, questions like yours are the reason that I created this site. I have grown up around the Franciscans of the Sacred Heart Province, of which my late great-uncle was a member as well as diocesan priests. I have thought before about the possibility of discerning a religious vocation to the Fathers of Mercy in my diocese, or the Norbertines in California, but my heart I think never belonged to them. I love the idea of working in a parish and serving people in a particular area, getting to know them and become close with them. One of the things I think I have to work towards is the moving that diocesan priests have to make. By promising obedience to the Bishop, when he says he needs you elsewhere, you move elsewhere. I moved 3 times when I was quite young and I never liked it, so I have apprehension to it, but I have no doubt that in time the graces will flow forth. I’d recommend talking with a diocesan priest in your area, maybe about what their life entails. If there is one whom you know fairly well, maybe he would let you shadow him for a day and see what their life is like.

      From my experience it is pretty fast paced, especially because they are spread so thin and usually have to care for multiple parishes, but the constant gift of self to the people I find truly rewarding.

      Prayers for you and your discernment! I trust you’ll say a prayer for me as well!

      +In His Mercy,
      Corey D. Bruns

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