Wondering, what ifs?

Have you ever wondered if what you are doing is the right thing? Have you ever wondered what God’s purpose for you was in life? Have you ever wondered if you were headed in the right direction? Have you ever wondered if your thoughts were just an influence of your emotions? Have you ever wondered if your emotions were an influence to your thoughts that were only in your head, because God put them there? Have you ever wondered if the reason you felt that a way was the result of a higher power? An answered prayer? What if you started doing the right thing? What if you started praying? What if your thoughts were changed into thoughts of higher things? What if your relationships changed because of your faith and your emotions, because of him? What if you gave it all to him who gave it all for you? What if you surrendered your body, thoughts, emotions, and everything into his hands trusting in his providence? What if you started turning your wonderings into actions, what if you started living for a purpose? What if everything you did became for him? Have you ever wondered, what if?