Marian and Bruté Pics. The “right” links!

Okay, so I apologize to anyone who received my email last Saturday and didn’t receive the right link to the picture videos I had put together with Marian and Bruté pics. I have been having problems with my Youtube videos lately, but I think that I finally got it fixed. Here are the right links:Continue reading “Marian and Bruté Pics. The “right” links!”

Thank-you to my priests!

On this feast of St. John Marie Vianney, patron of priests I would like to thank those priests who have influenced me in some way or another throughout my life. Though I cannot list them all, here are a few. The priest who baptized me and brought me into God’s family on August 7, 1994:Continue reading “Thank-you to my priests!”

Post on the Latin Mass

On This Rock: If I Had a Vote on Our Next Archbishop – This Bishop Would Get My Vote.   Check out the above link found on Fr. John Hollowell’s blog: “On This Rock” I have wanted to blog on my personal experience with the Latin Mass for quite awhile, and now I have aContinue reading “Post on the Latin Mass”

Servant of God, Father Augustus Tolton “115th anniversary of death”

Father Augustus Tolton was a native of Quincy,Illinois. (My Hometown) He was also a son of my home parish (St. Peter’s). Thus I feel a bit of a connection to him. He was the first Black priest in America, and a very holy one at that, he worked endlessly for his parishioners, and he askedContinue reading “Servant of God, Father Augustus Tolton “115th anniversary of death””

New Vatican guidelines for promoting Vocations to the Priesthood.

Check out these new guidelines/pointers from the Vatican on how to increase Vocations to the Priesthood. Pay special attention to the last paragraph.“Among its many other recommendations, the guidelines note that numerous priests were “part of the group of altar boys and have served at the altar” before going to seminary. It therefore suggests thatContinue reading “New Vatican guidelines for promoting Vocations to the Priesthood.”