Marriage isn’t for you, it’s for God!


Everyone seems to have been posting the article on how “Marriage isn’t for you.” This is a response, that brings up an important part that the article missed. It may take two to tango, but it takes three to get married. We as Catholics, believe that marriage is a sacramental covenant between man and woman. It is a sacramental sign of the union to come later when God-willing we reach Heaven. Marriage isn’t for you, true. It’s not self-centered, but it is supposed to be God-centered. We miss that a lot in our culture. With the whole homo-sexual marriage debate, people try to say that they can get married to whoever they want, because they want to live for them, love them, be sacrificial for them, but they are missing the most important part.

We as humans were made for God. St. Augustine’s famous quote about how we were are restless until we rest in Him, speaks volumes. From the moment of our birth we are dying, we are plummeting in an unstoppable path toward death. God created us for himself. We sinned, thus our punishment is death. When we die, we go to either Heaven or Hell, no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. We are headed toward death, and hopefully to eternal union with God in Heaven.

Marriage is a sign of the union we have with God in Heaven. It is designed for spouses to help each other to get to Heaven. That is the first question that should ever be asked, when considering marrying a person. “Are they, going to help me get to Heaven?” If not, then you probably shouldn’t marry them. Marriage isn’t for you, it’s for Eternity. Marriage is for God. Marriage requires God, and without him in the mix, it surely will have a hard time standing.

Pray for all those couples that you know who are approaching marriage. Pray for them to be holy, and include God in their marriage. Pray that the fruit of their marriage, will be for the glory of God. Pray for them. Pray for each other. If you’re not married, pray for your future spouse. Marriage isn’t for you. It’s for God.


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