Musings from the Castle on the Hill

So, when I first created this site, it was firstly to advertise for some of the services that I offered on the side of working at Dairy Queen, hence the Bruns Design Studios page, but after joining Seminary, I wanted a place where I could blog about things that interested me, and about life asContinue reading “Musings from the Castle on the Hill”

Official Bruté Seminarian Picture

This is the official portrait of the Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary Seminarians. Please pray for all of us! We need your prayers!

For All Your Saints Still Striving

For All Your Saints Still Striving For All Your Saints Still Striving sung on the feast of St. Andrew the Apostle by the Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary Sacred Schola. Enjoy!  Members of the Sacred Schola include: Andrew Hess, Andy Hirsch, Aaron Hess, Corey Bruns, Kevin Effron, Dominic Rankin, Daniel RossFun Fact: St. Andrew theContinue reading “For All Your Saints Still Striving”

My first 5 days in Seminary

Well, the last 5 days have been some of the most interesting and rewarding of my life so far. Thursday I started seminary at Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary here in Indianapolis. I arrived on campus around 4-ish Thursday and after unloading some stuff, and figuring out what stuff I didn’t need and should probablyContinue reading “My first 5 days in Seminary”