Vocations Poster for Owensboro 2014


Here is a high-resolution image of the Vocations Poster for the Diocese of Owensboro, for 2014. In your kindness, please pray for all of us. We are praying for you!OWB 2014 Seminarian Poster


Veni Creator Spiritus!

Tomorrow the Catholic Church will celebrate her birthday, the Feast of Pentecost! Christ told us that he had to leave, but after he left he would send us the comforter, the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit. Let us pray for those who guide and lead our church. Especially for his holiness Pope Francis, The Most Reverend William F. Medley, Bishop of the Diocese of Owensboro, and for our pastors who guide our parishes. 2000 years ago the church first started to win souls to Christ, let us pray that she may continue to be a light to our age in this culture of death!

Veni Creator Spiritus! Come Holy Ghost!

Bishop Medley to visit Bishop Bruté


My Bishop, William F Medley of the Diocese of Owensboro, KY will be visiting the Seminary tomorrow. This is his first “official” visit to the Bishop Bruté, since we have started using it last fall for Sam and I. As part of his visit he will be our “Retreat Master” for the Day of Recollection that he will be preaching. Sam and I are quite excited to host him. On our Saturday morning Mass the Schola will be singing Bishop Medley’s “Episcopal Motto” song Holy is Your Name. Please pray for a fruitful Day of Recollection as we prepare to enter the Great week of Holy Week.