Disabled People ARE Worth Something!

My Diocesan Brother, Jaime Dennis appears in this video that he has made. Kudos to Jaime for that! He is an inspiration to those that know him and quite a hoot when you get him talking. Jaime is fascinated with trains and if you’re lucky enough you can even ride his “real”, yes I said: REAL train at his family farm. He has one of the, if not the first “Braille” breviaries and his grandmother has put that and a lot of other books into braille for him. Please keep praying for Jaime and for all of our seminarians of the Diocese of Owensboro.

Pray for more vocations in our Diocese! Both to the Priesthood and the religious life! We are blessed to have some great orders in our Diocese, like the Carmelites of Owensboro, Passionist nuns of Whitesville, and the Fathers of Mercy of South Auburn. Have a blessed evening!