Courageous Catholic Videos – New Catholic Generation

Courageous Catholic Videos – New Catholic Generation I came upon this site this evening. It is an excellent idea, and a great way to engage Pope-Emeritus Benedict’s call for the New Evangelization. The conversion of the world to Christ can happen within our generation, we just need more great young men and women to standContinue reading “Courageous Catholic Videos – New Catholic Generation”

Welcome to the world of Catholic blogging Aaron Hess!

Welcome to the world of Catholic blogging Aaron Hess! As is my custom, whenever I hear that a friend has a blog or website, I make a post about it and share it, so that they can gain followers. This time, it falls on my classmate Aaron Hess. Aaron is a first-year college seminarian fromContinue reading “Welcome to the world of Catholic blogging Aaron Hess!”

Dominic’s blog

Dominic’s blog I always find it to be a great help when people send information about my blog and website out to their friends, so I always try to help any new bloggers out, by sharing their links on my site. This blog I am sharing is the blog of a fellow Bishop Bruté Seminarian,Continue reading “Dominic’s blog”