O Rex Gentium!

O Rex Gentium, et desideratus earum, lapisque angularis, qui facis utraque unum: veni, et salva hominem, quem de limo formasti. O King of all the nations, the only joy of every human heart; O Keystone of the mighty arch of man: Come and save the creature you fashioned from the dust. From the Lectionary Cycle: Rex gentiumContinue reading “O Rex Gentium!”

O Oriens!

O Oriens, splendor lucis aeternae, et sol justitiae: veni, et illumina sedentes in tenebris, et umbra mortis. O Radiant Dawn, splendor of eternal light, sun of justice: Come, shine on those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death. From the Lectionary Cycle: Oriens, splendor lucis aeternae et sol iustitiae: veni et illumina sedentes inContinue reading “O Oriens!”

O Radix Jesse!

O Radix Jesse! or O Root of Jesse’s Stem! O Radix Jesse, qui stas in signum populorum,super quem continebunt reges os suum,quem gentes deprecabuntur:veni ad liberandum nos, jam noli tardare. O Flower of Jesse’s stem,you have been raised up as a sign for all peoples;kings stand silent in your presence;the nations bow down in worship before you.Come, let nothingContinue reading “O Radix Jesse!”

Day at the farm- Truly blest

It’s on days like today that I feel extremely blessed! This morning, my Dad, Grandpa, Brody & I headed up to our family farm for a day of completing some work, prior to the full onslaught of the winter season. Brody was going to use the pole chainsaw and regular chainsaw and trim some ofContinue reading “Day at the farm- Truly blest”

Happy Priesthood Sunday!

Happy Priesthood Sunday yesterday to all of the priests in my life! I thought that I had published this post, but I didn’t so here it is a day late. 🙂 Happy Priesthood Sunday to all of the priests in my life, especially those who have impacted my vocation in such a large way. ThereContinue reading “Happy Priesthood Sunday!”

Now is the time of Courageous Priesthood!

There is a large argument that has been going on for years as to whether or not a priest should wear his collar when out in public, that is a topic that can be discussed at another time, but I want to take that topic and change it to fit another group of men. AsContinue reading “Now is the time of Courageous Priesthood!”

Gasper River Update

Well, here we are with 3 more weeks of camp left for the summer. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent here at Gasper and have grown so much. Tomorrow after Mass I will head back out for Camp Life III. This coming weekend a group of men from Bruté will be joining me forContinue reading “Gasper River Update”

Gasper River Update

Today is a hot day here at Gasper River Catholic Youth Camp & Retreat Center! We have been making sure that everyone is drinking lots and lots of water and staying really hydrated. The Holy Spirit has been moving through all of our campers and great things are happening. We have 7th and 8th gradersContinue reading “Gasper River Update”

Welcome to the world of Catholic blogging Aaron Hess!

Welcome to the world of Catholic blogging Aaron Hess! As is my custom, whenever I hear that a friend has a blog or website, I make a post about it and share it, so that they can gain followers. This time, it falls on my classmate Aaron Hess. Aaron is a first-year college seminarian fromContinue reading “Welcome to the world of Catholic blogging Aaron Hess!”

Quasimodo Sunday

Quasimodo Sunday Here is a link to another great post over on Roma Locuta Est. Before this Sunday was Divine Mercy Sunday, it was known as Quasimodo Sunday. Check out the post to learn more!