Holy Thursday

From Vocation Boom: “Maybe not the holiest or most important day we commemorate during the liturgical year. But for priests and seminarians – really, for all of us – today is a day of unspeakable joy and glory. For the countless times your life has been touched by a priest, or for the innumerable timesContinue reading “Holy Thursday”

Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis

Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis I have long hesitated to post anything on what everyone seems to be saying about the differences in the way that Pope Francis has been ruling so far as I think that the arguments people have been having are rude toward both Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict. IContinue reading “Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis”

The Election of Pope Francis

Well, CatholicVote has done it again. This is a fantastic one minute and 49 second video which showcases all of the 2013 Conclave through the election of Pope Francis. I highly encourage you to take time out of your day and watch it! Share it! Enjoy it! And say a prayer for our new HolyContinue reading “The Election of Pope Francis”

Fantasy Conclave

Fantasy Conclave Fantasy Conclave, yes you heard it right! This is a neat way to have fun and learn about the process of electing a new pope as well! And it’s free, with a $300 prize. Go ahead, have some fun and join the Fantasy Conclave!

Website down for Maintenance

I am currently in the process of transferring my domain name over to a new provider. If you are trying to access the site within the next 48-72 hours it may be down, but it will redirect to the correct site soon after. You can still visit the site by visiting: credocatholic.wordpress.com. Thanks for theContinue reading “Website down for Maintenance”