Welcome to the world of Catholic Blogging C.J. Glaser!

As is my custom, I want to wish a warm welcome to the world of Catholic blogging to my Diocesan brother C.J. Glaser! Although he is not new to the world of Catholic blogging as he has had another blog before, he has started a new one to keep up with his seminary journey. AContinue reading “Welcome to the world of Catholic Blogging C.J. Glaser!”

Courageous Catholic Videos – New Catholic Generation

Courageous Catholic Videos – New Catholic Generation I came upon this site this evening. It is an excellent idea, and a great way to engage Pope-Emeritus Benedict’s call for the New Evangelization. The conversion of the world to Christ can happen within our generation, we just need more great young men and women to standContinue reading “Courageous Catholic Videos – New Catholic Generation”

Now is the time of Courageous Priesthood!

There is a large argument that has been going on for years as to whether or not a priest should wear his collar when out in public, that is a topic that can be discussed at another time, but I want to take that topic and change it to fit another group of men. AsContinue reading “Now is the time of Courageous Priesthood!”

A New Year…

Wow! My first full week of my Sophomore Year in College Seminary is complete and I am already back into the swing of things. After 3 days, it seemed as if I never left. It has just been a continuation of last year to some extent. I moved in 2 Thursday’s ago arriving in IndianapolisContinue reading “A New Year…”

The Ascension and Moving out

Today is the Feast of the Ascension of our Lord into Heaven. In most of the US diocese’s the feast is transferred to the following Sunday. Our Lord ascended into Heaven 40 days after he arose from the dead, that fact cannot be altered, even if  we don’t celebrate it at Mass today here inContinue reading “The Ascension and Moving out”

Bruté Schola Cantorum

Bruté Schola Cantorum Dominic Rankin over on his blog “Open Wide the Doors for Christ.” did a nice job recording the Schola Cantorum as we cantored the Mass on the Feast of St. Mark at Marian. The link above is to his blog, where he has the videos posted. Check us out! We had aContinue reading “Bruté Schola Cantorum”

Snow + Football = Snowfootball

Yeah, you heard it right!  The Bruté Team went out at it again. This time to play football in the snow. What a blast we had! I’m gonna upload more pics soon on a new photo sharing site. (Once I find one, my Flickr account is getting full! haha) Have a great day everyone! WeContinue reading “Snow + Football = Snowfootball”

Adoration at Bishop Bruté

Father Patrick Beidelman incenses the Blessed Sacrament during our Holy Hour tonight at Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary. Wow! I wish that I had thought to film it before it started tonight. It was amazingly beautiful. Especially with our new Reredos, blocking the doors. Adoremus in Aeternum Sanctissimum, Sacramentum! Picture is ©Tony Cecil & ©BishopContinue reading “Adoration at Bishop Bruté”