The Election of Pope Francis

Well, CatholicVote has done it again. This is a fantastic one minute and 49 second video which showcases all of the 2013 Conclave through the election of Pope Francis. I highly encourage you to take time out of your day and watch it! Share it! Enjoy it! And say a prayer for our new Holy Father, that the Holy Spirit will shower him with graces as our blessed mother wraps her mantle around him. Viva Il Papa Francesco!

A picture worth a thousand words…

A picture worth a thousand words...

I can’t get over how powerful this picture is. Just one man, and by him closing the door it symbols the start of conclave. It brings me back to seeing the doors of Castel Gandalfo close, representing the end of the reign of Pope Benedict XVI. Christ is with his church, he has always been and will so continue. We have only to knock at the closed door and ask for him to enter our lives. Open wide the doors to Christ! And pray for our cardinals at this important moment in church history. O Mary, Mother of the Church – Pray for us!

Non Habemus Papam!

Non Habemus Papam!

We don’t have a pope…yet!
Whew! They really wanted to ensure that we knew it was black this conclave. Keep praying for the Cardinals! Oh Mary conceived without sin, pray for them! Come Holy Ghost and fill the hearts and minds of thy cardinals so that they may elect a worthy man as the next Roman Pontiff.

Conclave 2013

In just moments the procession of Cardinals from the beautiful Pauline Chapel into the Sistine Chapel will take place. They will be singing the Litany of the Saints, and the Veni Creator Spiritus. Let us join together with these men who are charged with this immense task and pray for the Holy Spirit to enlighten their mind.