And with that, the Papal Conclave 2013 begins. We may see smoke around 1:30ET. Say a Hail Mary that our blessed mother will watch over the men who will choose the next Vicar of Christ. Come Holy Ghost and fill the Hearts of thy faithful!!

Indy Seminarian chosen to do the first reading.

Indy Seminarian chosen to do the first reading.

Congrats to Tony Hollowell, a seminarian from the ArchDiocese of Indianapolis (Where I go to school) who will read the first reading at Mass tomorrow with the cardinals, before they enter conclave. He is the brother of ArchIndy priest: Fr. John Hollowell. I have never met Ton, but Fr. John Hollowell is a fantastic guy!

A Fake Bishop tries to get into the Conclave…WHAT?!?

A Fake Bishop tries to get into the Conclave…WHAT?!?

Yes, you heard that right, a man who tried to impersonate a Bishop was escorted from a meeting of cardinals by members of the Swiss Guard on Monday. They figured out that he was an imposter when they noticed his purple “fascia” was too short and he was wearing a black fedora. Well, of course the purple “fascia” was too short, as it turned out to be a scarf. Australian ABC News, says that he claimed to be “a member of the “Italian Orthodox Church”, which does not exist. Before he was discovered, he told reporters Catholic bishops had “made a mistake by moving priests” who were accused of paedophilia around different parishes.”

You can find the full story at the link above, but below is a picture of the “imposter.” This story is just an example of the type of attention that the election of the pope is getting. It is receiving a lot of negative talk, when it should really be positive. Let us join in praying for our church and asking our dear Blessed Mother to call all to a conversion of heart.

I hesitate to even refer to this, but it shows the attacks on the Catholic Church in being the very real, disturbed, and demonic acts that they are. It was just the other day, that I saw a Huffington Post news video (though the actuality of them being a news source is questionable), where a person was saying that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was a homosexual. Because, Archbishop Ganswein would continue to live with him and help him, while serving the new pope. What type of person, calls an 85 year old man a homosexual, because he lives in community? What would you call a men’s ward at a nursing home, where men live in community? The negativity that is expressed towards his holiness and the Catholic Church is horrendous, but it is something that the church has to continue to deal with.

In the Gospel of Matthew, 6:18; Jesus didn’t say that the the gates of the netherworld wouldn’t attack the church, he said that they would not prevail against it! Let us continue to pray for our church and for the College of Cardinals, that they will be able to elect someone who will have the strength, knowledge, and graces to guide our church. Pray for the next Holy Father! They don’t call the room where he vests after his election the “Room of Tears” for nothing. The duties and responsibilities of the office of Peter is one that requires much strength.

Back to the original story now:

AABC also says that: “Mr Napierski claims on his blog he is a founder of the Corpus Dei Catholic order. He also says he invented “a system to enable persons to control computers with the power of thoughts”.”

Hmmm, makes you wonder…

Until next time! Have a blessed Tuesday and keep praying for the election of the 266th Succesor of Peter. God knows who it is, pray that the Holy spirit will fill him with grace!


imposter052wayCan you spot the impostor? Hint: Notice the purple scarf!


Adopt a Cardinal

One of the most important aspects of the Papal Conclave is the Holy Spirit. While, it can be acknowledged that the Holy Spirit does not “directly” choose the next Roman Pontiff, He does play a VERY active role in the conclave. The Holy Spirit guides the church and he guides the Cardinals hearts and minds as they pray and discern who is right for the next pope. The Holy Spirit lives and breathes within the council and upon the election of the next Pontiff, He fills him with the graces that he needs in order to exercise the ministry of Peter.

We as the lay members of the church can send our prayerful support to the Cardinals and ask for the Holy Spirit to guide them in this important work which they are charged with. One of the ways we can do this is by praying each day for the Cardinals. Another way which can be a learning experience at the same time is to adopt a cardinal to pray for. The easiest way is by visiting: http://adoptacardinal.org  The site will pick a random Cardinal for you to pray for. My Cardinal is: Angelo Scola.

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Whatever you decide to do, please pray for these men that God will grant them courage, strength, and that the Holy Spirit will give them the graces needed to choose the next successor of Peter.