Courageous Catholic Videos – New Catholic Generation

Courageous Catholic Videos – New Catholic Generation

I came upon this site this evening. It is an excellent idea, and a great way to engage Pope-Emeritus Benedict’s call for the New Evangelization. The conversion of the world to Christ can happen within our generation, we just need more great young men and women to stand up, and share their faith. We need more youth to be who God created them to be. World Youth Day is an excellent example of what the young can do and so is this great site! The group over at New Catholic Generation vlog (video blog) about their Catholic faith, explaining things, sharing what they love, and tracking their spiritual growth through life. May God continue to bless their works! Go ahead and check them out, you’ll like what you see! Kudos to all of the Catholic Vloggers on the New Catholic Generation and keep up the great work!