Day at the farm- Truly blest

It’s on days like today that I feel extremely blessed! This morning, my Dad, Grandpa, Brody & I headed up to our family farm for a day of completing some work, prior to the full onslaught of the winter season. Brody was going to use the pole chainsaw and regular chainsaw and trim some ofContinue reading “Day at the farm- Truly blest”

National FFA Week

I am forever indebted to the National FFA Organization for helping me to become the person who I am today. I am extremely thankful for my High School AG Advisor Larry Duvall. He became like a second Dad to all of the FFA Officers and his words of wisdom I will always carry with me.Continue reading “National FFA Week”

Post on the Latin Mass

On This Rock: If I Had a Vote on Our Next Archbishop – This Bishop Would Get My Vote.   Check out the above link found on Fr. John Hollowell’s blog: “On This Rock” I have wanted to blog on my personal experience with the Latin Mass for quite awhile, and now I have aContinue reading “Post on the Latin Mass”