“We can have the most beautiful Liturgy in the World, but without love it is for nothing.”


The video below is of Archbishop Alexander Sample’s homily on the Liturgy, which he offered on Quinquegesima Sunday at the Brigittine Monastery of Our Lady of Consolation. Wow! Wonderful homily. One of my favorite quotes from it is: “We can have the most beautiful Liturgy in the World, but without love it is for nothing.” The Mass is not about us, but about Christ. Everything we do is a call to give the glory to God that is due him. The Liturgy is a wonderful opportunity to grow in our love of Christ and deepen our faith. Beautiful liturgies have played a great part in my life, especially in inspiring my vocation. I give thanks for being able to be a part of many beautiful liturgies over the year. We are blessed to celebrate beautiful liturgies at the seminary and it really adds to the spiritual growth that our men experience at Bishop Bruté. The love of the priests in my life for God has shown by how they celebrate the Mass and it trull has deepened my faith.

No matter whether the Mass is celebrated in the Novus Ordo, Byzantine, Dominican, Carmelite, Extraordinary, or another Rite/Form the Liturgy is a way to bring Heaven to Earth, to interact with the people in a very real way and draw them closer to God. Our love of God should echo in the ways in which we attend and celebrate Mass. Our movements, gaze, voice, everything we do leads us to God in extremely intimate ways.

May Our Lady queen of priests, always help priests and those who assist them to celebrate beautiful liturgies, truly worthy of the sacrifice being offered. As we near Holy Week and the Triduum, may our hearts and minds be on Christ, the mysteries we celebrate, and may we be granted the graces to serve at his Altar’s worthily, and with much love. Amen.


Quote of the day: “Each Mass contains the slaying of the Victim…”


“Each Mass contains the slaying of the Victim, not repeated here in the West after centuries, made once only long ago in Palestine, yet part of the sacrifice offered throughout the world each morning. All Masses are one sacrifice, including the death of the cross, continuing through all time the act of offering then begun … Every time we hear Mass we look across that gulf of time, we are again before the cross, with his mother and St. John; we offer still that victim then slain, present here under the forms of bread and wine.” – Fr. Adrian Fortescue


Great quote! It’s important to remember that the Mass is not about us, rather it is about what is happening. We as Catholics are blessed to have our rites and beautiful traditions that we celebrate. As we grow closer to the Sacred Triduum, let us focus on the cross, the sacrificial offering of Christ to the father, let us join Mary and St. John at the foot, staying close to Christ, worshiping him, growing in our relationships with him, and coming to believe even more in the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

It’s not about us, rather it is about him…

Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday

From Vocation Boom: “Maybe not the holiest or most important day we commemorate during the liturgical year. But for priests and seminarians – really, for all of us – today is a day of unspeakable joy and glory. For the countless times your life has been touched by a priest, or for the innumerable times you’ve received the sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation, this is our day to celebrate and rejoice. May you be given new eyes to see, and a new heart to appreciate, what our humble servant Lord has done for us. Where would you be without these incredible gifts?”

As a Seminarian, I agree wholeheartedly and am very excited this Holy Thursday. May I offer my thanks as well to those priests in my life who have made such an impact. Here is a link to my post last year on the Feast of St. John Vianney which lists them.


In His Mercy,


Chrism Mass – Owensboro Sports Center

Chrism Mass – Owensboro Sports Center

Don’t forget to attend the Chrism Mass in the Owensboro Sports Center tomorrow night at 6:30. This is a beautiful ceremony of where the priest’s of the Diocese renew their commitment to the Bishop and their ministry. It is also a way that the Bishop shares in the Baptisms, Confirmations, sick-calls, etc. throughout the Diocese as he can’t be present at each one. Through the Bishop blessing the Holy Oils for use throughout his Diocese (Which only he can do.) He shares in the lives of all Catholics. 

Please join Bishop William F. Medley and all of the priests of the Diocese of Owensboro in our Chrism Mass. I hope to see you there!

In his Mercy,


Semana Santa Bread


Semana Santa Bread

One of my favorite parts of Holy Week, was when it came to spanish class. As the only Catholic in there I always tried to bring some of the”Catholicity” of Spanish into the classroom. One of the ways was teaching the lower level Spanish Classes and my own higher level classmates about Semana Santa! (Holy Week in Spanish) Spain has a rich, rich history of celebrations during Semana Santa. They have processions in the streets, and cook many different types of food. My favorite is Semana Santa Bread; a sweet fried bread that is traditionally served on Holy Thursday morning for Breakfast. It resembles French Toast, though it isn’t french toast, as it is normally soaked in honey, milk, or wine before cooking. The link above tells about the different celebrations in Mexico. Go fix yourselves some Semana Santa Bread and have a blessed Holy Week! Pax Tecum!