Pics from the Opening Vigil Mass for Life

The following are some of my pictures that I took at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, in Washington, DC. During Mass I joined about 100+ other seminarians on sitting on the floor around the old High Altar in the side chapels of the Sanctuary. The photos of the Baldachin (Canopy) over the High Altar were taken from where I was sitting. All of the upper church pics were taken after Mass. Not during! It was an extremely blessed experience.
















Headed into DC

The group of us that didn’t go sight-seeing in DC today are now heading into Washington to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. We have to get there early in order to get everyone’s vestments into the crypt church. The rest of the guys will all be heading there on the Metro. Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the unborn. Pray for us!


30 minutes out

Well, we are now 30 minutes away from our destination for the night. I think that all of us are calling for beds. Road conditions are a little fuzzy. Lots of light snow and semis. It is really almost a follow the truck lights to see the road. Should make for an interesting day tomorrow and the march on Friday. O Mary, mother of God pray for us!


1 Hour and a half in. . . Are we there yet?

Well we are headed on our way to DC now and have just passed into Ohio. Tony made the excellent comment after we finished praying Evening Prayer in our Van, that we prayed Evening Prayer in two different states. (Just a funny fact)It is starting to snow and the ground is slowly turning white. I don’t know how well it will show up on the picture, but it is coming down pretty good and drifting across the road. Our vans are name after saints. The first van that Fr. Bob is in is named Augustine, the second van is called Bonaventure, and the third van which is my van is Thomas Aquinas. It has been a good trip so far and we are all awaiting our arrival in DC. As we travel on towards our Nation’s Capitol we call to mind all of those lives murdered senselessly by abortion. May God give us the strength to March on…



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Hopefully I can post some more of my favorite posts as time goes along.