Hobby Lobby and the HHS Mandate

Hobby Lobby and the HHS Mandate

This article is quite saddening. How we have managed to go from a nation founded under God, to a nation where he is thrown out is unbelievable. We must pray hard for America, and pray that our religious freedom will not continue to be taken away. This Saturday there is being organized a “Standing with Hobby Lobby” Event”. It will be much like the Chick-Fil-A event last year. I encourage each of you to participate. They are now facing fines of over 1 million dollars per day, since the Mandate went into effect this year. Visit www.standwithhobbylobby.com to find out more about this cause. And don’t forget to go out and shop at Hobby Lobby tomorrow and let them know why you are. That you stand with the Green Family in their fight for religious liberty in America.