How a Pope is Elected

How a Pope is Elected

Neat digitized example of the election and selection of a pope, brought to you by La Stampa!

Sede Vacante – Interregnum

Sede Vacante - Interregnum

Thank- you Pope Benedict XVI for your life of service to the church! As of now the Roman Catholic Church is in the Interregnum, or the reign between popes. It is also referred to as being in Sede Vacante, (The See is vacant). Pray for the college of cardinals as they being to move to Rome!


Lets start tweeting thanks to Pope Benedict XVI with Hashtag #thankspontifex. Let’s try and flush the hateful tweets off of twitter and flood it with tweets of thanksgiving for the reign of Pope Benedict XVI as the 265th Supreme Pontiff. Long Live the Pope!!!

The flying pope

And the Pope is off into the air flying to Castel Gandolfo. Have a safe flight, your holiness!! And the 5 o’clock bells are ringing. . . Including the biggest St. Andrew bell wishing him goodbye! All of the bells of St. Peter’s. tolling goodbye to the successor of Peter. Chilling and inspiring!

The helicopter becomes Shepherd 1. If you tune into EWTN you can watch his helicopter fly via another helicopter following. The bells just add to the uniqueness of this event.



UPDATE: 11:24amET

He is landed and disembarking the helicopter, preparing to head to Castel Gandolfo now.



Click the above link to get the full details and even some sample tweets that you can make. But here is the short version: We are trying to get a hashtag (#____) trending on Twitter from between 7:45-8:15 Rome Time in thanksgiving for Pope Benedict. The goal is to have the bar at the side of Twitter list that shows what’s “trending” show: #ThanksPontifex. Please consider doing this. If you don’t have access to your twitter at this time, then use a free third-party software to schedule it to do them for you. (He gives instructions on the link above.) I spent about 5 minutes looking through the @Pontifex feed on Twitter the other day, I was shocked and disgusted with what people have done through it. Instead of giving the pope words of thanks or encouragements, people have made such vulgar comments that I can’t even share on here, let alone in person. There is a “trending list” you can subscribe to, to see the trend happening. 

Please if you have a twitter account join us in thanking Pope Benedict XVI for his almost 8 years of service to the church and for the great things that he has done as the Roman Pontiff.