You mean you’ll never get married?

Note: This post was originally written on Feb. 14th.) I’m sitting here in a comfy armchair, watching a movie on tv, drinking a delicious cup of Earl Grey tea and relaxing with friends. Anything wrong or strange with that? No, it sounds normal. Now here’s some more information. I am sitting a room, surrounded byContinue reading “You mean you’ll never get married?”

Now is the time of Courageous Priesthood!

There is a large argument that has been going on for years as to whether or not a priest should wear his collar when out in public, that is a topic that can be discussed at another time, but I want to take that topic and change it to fit another group of men. AsContinue reading “Now is the time of Courageous Priesthood!”

Veni Creator Spiritus!

Tomorrow the Catholic Church will celebrate her birthday, the Feast of Pentecost! Christ told us that he had to leave, but after he left he would send us the comforter, the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit. Let us pray for those who guide and lead our church. Especially for his holiness Pope Francis, The Most ReverendContinue reading “Veni Creator Spiritus!”

How about some beautiful Dominican Sisters, hearing the news of Pope Francis’ Election to brighten your day?

Check out the video. It is fantastic. Dominicans always make me smile. It seems that they are always so jubilant, happy, and full of life. Girls, if you have ever considered joining a religious order, I highly recommend these! Nuns aren’t unhappy women, they are usually a beautiful, sweet, vibrant, and lively bunch of women.Continue reading “How about some beautiful Dominican Sisters, hearing the news of Pope Francis’ Election to brighten your day?”

Pope Francis: “Be generous with confession!”

Pope Francis: “Be generous with confession!” When I saw that Pope Francis told priests to be generous with confession, it was like a bunch of memories came flooding back. Confession is part of the reason why I decided to go to seminary in the first place. The graces that flow from the confessional and aContinue reading “Pope Francis: “Be generous with confession!””

Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis

Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis I have long hesitated to post anything on what everyone seems to be saying about the differences in the way that Pope Francis has been ruling so far as I think that the arguments people have been having are rude toward both Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict. IContinue reading “Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis”

The Election of Pope Francis

Well, CatholicVote has done it again. This is a fantastic one minute and 49 second video which showcases all of the 2013 Conclave through the election of Pope Francis. I highly encourage you to take time out of your day and watch it! Share it! Enjoy it! And say a prayer for our new HolyContinue reading “The Election of Pope Francis”