Quote of the day: “Each Mass contains the slaying of the Victim…”


“Each Mass contains the slaying of the Victim, not repeated here in the West after centuries, made once only long ago in Palestine, yet part of the sacrifice offered throughout the world each morning. All Masses are one sacrifice, including the death of the cross, continuing through all time the act of offering then begun … Every time we hear Mass we look across that gulf of time, we are again before the cross, with his mother and St. John; we offer still that victim then slain, present here under the forms of bread and wine.” – Fr. Adrian Fortescue


Great quote! It’s important to remember that the Mass is not about us, rather it is about what is happening. We as Catholics are blessed to have our rites and beautiful traditions that we celebrate. As we grow closer to the Sacred Triduum, let us focus on the cross, the sacrificial offering of Christ to the father, let us join Mary and St. John at the foot, staying close to Christ, worshiping him, growing in our relationships with him, and coming to believe even more in the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

It’s not about us, rather it is about him…