ArchBishop Tobin Installation

We are ready for the Installation of ArchBishop Tobin. I am assisting the priest commentator, so I get to see the behind the scenes work that is being broadcast. Tune into,, or to watch us live for the Installation Mass of ArchBishop Tobin as the 6th ArchBishop of Indianapolis. Live in 50 minutes!

Pray that everything goes smooth please!


Good-bye Facebook!


Advent is a time of penance and denial of self in preparation for the coming of Christ on CHRISTmas, in order to enter into this time of prayer and longing for the birth of our Savior I am saying good-bye to Facebook this season. I will still be updating my blog posts and photos on it, through my phone so that you can keep up with whats going on. If you need to reach me, my contact details are on my Facebook or the Contact Me page listed above. Please keep myself and everyone else here at Bruté in your thoughts and prayers this Advent Season.

Especially tomorrow as we prepare for the installation Mass of ArchBishop Tobin as the 6th ArchBishop of Indianapolis. You can tune in and watch it on EWTN, CatholicTV, and it will be live-streamed through the site. Thanks for your prayers and I look forward as we await the coming of our savior. Come Lord Jesus, COME!

Of Lights and wreaths…

There are many exciting things going on this week, in and around Bishop Simon Bruté College Semianry. The lights are up around my door, as well as my Christmas tree and wreath that my sister and Mom made me. Everyone is anticipating the Installation of ArchBishop Joseph Tobin as the 6th ArchBishop of Indianapolis this weekend. Life here in the Seminary is blissful, though it is starting to get down to crunch time with Finals only 2 weeks away. This Friday we will have our second Day of Reccollection offered by Fr. Peter Harmon of the Diocese of Springfield, IL. I am thoroughly looking forward to it! And all of our CHRISTmas decorations are up in my room. This Saturday Evening starts the first Sunday of Advent. O Come, O Come Emmanuel!!