ArchBishop Tobin Installation

We are ready for the Installation of ArchBishop Tobin. I am assisting the priest commentator, so I get to see the behind the scenes work that is being broadcast. Tune into,, or to watch us live for the Installation Mass of ArchBishop Tobin as the 6th ArchBishop of Indianapolis. Live in 50Continue reading “ArchBishop Tobin Installation”

Good-bye Facebook!

Advent is a time of penance and denial of self in preparation for the coming of Christ on CHRISTmas, in order to enter into this time of prayer and longing for the birth of our Savior I am saying good-bye to Facebook this season. I will still be updating my blog posts and photos onContinue reading “Good-bye Facebook!”

Of Lights and wreaths…

There are many exciting things going on this week, in and around Bishop Simon Bruté College Semianry. The lights are up around my door, as well as my Christmas tree and wreath that my sister and Mom made me. Everyone is anticipating the Installation of ArchBishop Joseph Tobin as the 6th ArchBishop of Indianapolis thisContinue reading “Of Lights and wreaths…”