A Life Well Lived: The Radical Hospitality St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi has been my patron saint for as long as I can remember. I have always had a devotion to him, the simple, humble aristocrat-turned beggar of Assisi. His radical ways of living have always touched deeply at my heart, as they have at so many others across the ages. Francis, wasContinue reading “A Life Well Lived: The Radical Hospitality St. Francis of Assisi”

Can I Be A Weak Priest?

“Can you be a weak priest?” So ended a conversation I had recently with my mentor for my Pastoral Year. Both Fr. Jerry and I had stayed up way too late enjoying a drink, celebrating Easter and discussing different aspects of my time at St. Stephen Cathedral. The school year ends in just a matterContinue reading “Can I Be A Weak Priest?”

Fellow Bruté Seminarians interviewed for Fox59

Fellow Bruté Seminarians interviewed for Fox59 Two of my brother seminarians here at Bishop Bruté were interviewed for the local station: Fox59 on the night of Pope Emeritus Benedict’s abdication. You can watch their video on the link above, but before you do, here is some information on the woman that they have “rebutting” them. Continue reading “Fellow Bruté Seminarians interviewed for Fox59”