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Rev. Mr. Corey D. Bruns

Hello, and welcome to my site! A short biography is listed below and my Blog is available by clicking here.


Deacon Corey Bruns is a Transitional Deacon and Seminarian for the Diocese of Owensboro, Kentucky. He is a Fourth Year Theologian at Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology in Southern Indiana. While he currently lives in Kentucky, Corey was born a triplet into a family of 5 children and a rich line of German Catholic heritage in Quincy, IL.

Deacon Bruns graduated Class President from Crittenden County High School in Marion, Kentucky in 2012 and entered seminary the fall of the same year. He is an organist, composer, conductor, twice-a-year trumpet player, and a lover of all things music. In his free time, he enjoys spending times outdoors in the woods or on the farm, woodworking, cooking, gardening, and photography.

Deacon Bruns graduated in 2016 from Marian University and Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary with a B.A. in Catholic Studies with a focus in Pre-Theology. He is a proud 4th Degree Knight of Columbus.

Deacon Bruns is bilingual and speaks English and Spanish. He enjoys Latin and word etymology.

Deacon Bruns was ordained a Transitional Deacon for the Diocese of Owensboro on June 20th, 2020, 77 days after his original Ordination date, due to COVID-19. He has an expected graduation date from Saint Meinrad Seminary & School of Theology in May of 2021 with a Masters of Divinity, followed by his expected Priestly Ordination a few weeks later.

Corey, Emily (Sister), Sue (Mom), Larry (Dad), & Brody (Brother) after the Easter Vigil at St. Joseph in Bowling Green KY. Photo 2016

Social Media Policy:

Notate Bene:

The views on this blog are the sole views of the author, unless otherwise noted. This blog was started for personal use, in order to document his discernment journey and the life at Bruté and Marian University. It has since developed into a blog consisting of a wide assortment of pictures, reflections, postings of activities, and anything else he decides to post.

The posts on this site do not represent the Diocese of Owensboro, Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary, or Saint Meinrad Seminary & School of Theology unless otherwise explicitly stated.

SOCIAL NETWORK POLICY It is my policy on all of my Social Media pages, that I do not tolerate  comments, posts, which exhibit: “racial hatred, religious hatred, demeaning speech toward another commenter, threats, posting of inappropriate materials, links to sites that violate the dignity of the human person, racial/religious slurs, anything anti-Catholic or anti- another Christian group, spam, selling items, adding me to random groups and anything else that I deem inappropriate.”

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