It’s time’s like these that I thank God I’m in seminary!

Tonight was our senior night festivities at the Seminary. We had the meal planned out, the chefs ready to cook, and the night went off basically without a hitch. It was an absolutely beautiful celebration of our seniors, their impact on us and the seminary community and just the real fraternal and brotherly spirit atContinue reading “It’s time’s like these that I thank God I’m in seminary!”

Divine Mercy Sunday, Two Saints, and Homosexuality… Three gifts to the church!

  Today on the Feast of Divine Mercy, we have received many gifts in the church. The first being a reminder of Christ’s love and mercy, the second being two new saints: John Paul II and John XXIII, and the third, coincidentally titled similarly is The Third Way. Fr. John Hollowell, a priest from the Archdiocese ofContinue reading “Divine Mercy Sunday, Two Saints, and Homosexuality… Three gifts to the church!”

Link to my Interview on VocationBoom! Radio

Link to my Interview on VocationBoom! Radio On Saturday, I was interviewed by VocationBoom! Radio, a national radio show on over 230 radio affiliates. It is an hour long program and consists of my “shortened” vocation story (covering my life in Quincy, Beatrice, and Kentucky), answering questions from call-ins as well as talking about lifeContinue reading “Link to my Interview on VocationBoom! Radio”

Race for Vocations

Good-luck to all those running in the Race for Vocations today! Especially to our own men from Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary: Michael Meinhart, Dominic Vahling, Dominic Rankin, Willie Jansen, and Andy Hirsch! You guys will do fantastic!

Mass with Bishop Christopher Coyne

We were blessed to celebrate Mass again with Bishop Christopher Coyne, Auxiliary Bishop of the ArchDiocese of Indianapolis, this morning at Bishop Bruté. You can check out his blog: Thoughts of a Catholic Bishop at:

Adoration at Bishop Bruté

Father Patrick Beidelman incenses the Blessed Sacrament during our Holy Hour tonight at Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary. Wow! I wish that I had thought to film it before it started tonight. It was amazingly beautiful. Especially with our new Reredos, blocking the doors. Adoremus in Aeternum Sanctissimum, Sacramentum! Picture is ©Tony Cecil & ©BishopContinue reading “Adoration at Bishop Bruté”