My first 5 days in Seminary

Well, the last 5 days have been some of the most interesting and rewarding of my life so far. Thursday I started seminary at Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary here in Indianapolis. I arrived on campus around 4-ish Thursday and after unloading some stuff, and figuring out what stuff I didn’t need and should probably send back, my family and I said our teary good-byes, and they departed back for the Commonwealth. My roommate and I got our room set up pretty quickly, but only finished it a couple of days later… haha.(We have one of the smallest double rooms, so it was a trip on trying to get everything to fit right. Later Thursday night we had Evening prayer, Mass in the partially finished newly renovated chapel and then a cookout outside in the inner courtyard.

Friday I had the pleasure of my first Holy Hour in the wee hours of the morning here at Bruté. (I am trying to make a Holy Hour once a day, and offer it up for all of my family, intentions, friends, and those who have helped me start Seminary; whether by donation or inspiration. Then later on on Friday we had orientation which we finished up on Saturday.

Saturday evening we all headed over to a Lake House, courtesy of someone on the advisory board for the Seminary, and we all had yet another cookout and some “fun times” in the water which had some questionable substances on the bottom…ewwww!!!!

Sunday was a day of rest and enjoyment of the Sabbath. We had a beautiful Mass with incense and candles and some decent chanting. Then after Mass I headed out to Cracker barrel with some of the Springfield Seminarians for Breakfast. (My first “home” Diocese) It was quite fun and I enjoyed visiting with them. 

Monday morning, my roomate and I overslept and missed the first Mass of the school year…woops! Talk abut embarrassing. Luckily though, Father Bob (our rector) told us of another church nearby where we could go to Mass. (We went to St. Joan of Arc on Central Ave. for all of you who know Indy) It was a BEAUTIFUL church!! Then later on at 9 I had my first College Class: Philsophy. MMMMmmm yay!! That is going to be  a pleasure to think about at 9 in the morning… After finishing my classes on Campus I headed over to the Library where the other seminarians were hanging out to wait for an ecumenical prayer service on campus… interesting service. Afterwards we all headed over to the fist Seminary chapel in St. Francis Hall near the Theology and Philosophy Depts. Then by the time we were finished we headed to the BBQ outside in the Amphitheater. (Really great food!) 

So far, all of this first week, I have met many new friends, made some awesome memories and have grown in more ways than one. Today I meet with my Spiritual Director to kind of do a “Meet & Greet” and then I also have to squeeze in some Laundry, phone calls, and of course 2 classes. 

Seminary is a very “lively” place, a very “beautiful” place, and a place where with each passing moment I am starting to feel at home. From the first Evening Prayer in the Chapel I have started to feel that I am part of something bigger than myself, I have started to feel a bond with the other 35 guys her on campus and with each passing moment, I am growing and becoming the man who God wants me to be. Please pray for me, for my brother Seminarians here at Bruté & at home. We NEED your prayers, and support, becasue without you backng us up and being inspiritve to us, we wouldn’t be here seeking God’s will in our lives. 


With much love in Christ Jesus and his Blessed Mother, I remain yours truly,




Published by Father Corey D. Bruns

I'm a Priest of the Diocese of Owensboro, KY and Parochial Vicar of Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Bowling Green, KY.

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