On the Defense of Marriage…

Fr. Mike had a wonderful homily tonight at camp about the recent decision of the Supreme Court to not pass the Defense of Marriage Act, I will try to sum  up some of his points with my own thoughts in a brief form. To read Cardinal Dolan’s response please visit here.

It greatly saddens me to learn of the court’s decision to not uphold the sacramentality and covenantal bonds of marriage. In today’s readings, we learn again of the way that the Holy Spirit is constantly working and guiding us. The first reading from Genesis, talks of the covenantal bond formed between Abraham and God, the symbol of which was children, descendants. Then in the Responsorial Psalm we hear again that “God remembers his covenant for ever.” Later in the Gospel we learn that we will know the False prophets of our times by their fruit.

First, what does the covenant have to do with anything? We as Catholics believe that marriage is a covenantal bond. It is one of the most intimate ways of a covenantal bond. Because a marriage is a covenant, there has to be an exchange and a sign. Part of the exchange is the vows that the couple makes in front of God and the community in a wedding. The other part is in the Marital Act itself. When a man and a woman give themselves freely and completely to each other in love and share their bodies with one another, the fruit of their love and gift of self is a child. Thus in the first reading, we learn that the covenant of Abraham and God, with the result being children which would number the stars in the sky.

In our current culture of death we look for pleasure and for happiness. We live in a world where we tolerate everything and forgive nothing. The false prophets of our time: birth control, abortion, sex without cost, pleasure, homosexual marriage. These things try to take us from Christ and cause division in our world. Just look at the fruit that they have given us. Nothing but violence, the destruction of family life and the pain and torment of divided families. True love is sacrificial, it is beneficial to both parties and is freely given. Look at Jesus on the cross. That is real and sacrificial love. The church has always stood up for and promoted the dignity of each human being. She also is there always pointing to Christ and his message of love. Marriage has and will always be something of great importance to the church, there are countless more reasons why, then what I have discussed here briefly. I stand for the defense of marriage as a sacramental, and covenantal bond between one man and one woman and for the children, that is the family that comes forth from the two’s love. May God have mercy on our country and our souls and may the church always continue to stand up for religious freedom and the dignity of each and every individual. I pray that one day America will stand true to the values she was founded upon and give God the glory and praise that He deserves.

Ave Maria…

+In His Mercy,


Published by Father Corey D. Bruns

I'm a Priest of the Diocese of Owensboro, KY and Parochial Vicar of Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Bowling Green, KY.

5 thoughts on “On the Defense of Marriage…

  1. I have read your post and find it quite intriguing. I do not agree with your views and I am Catholic and from Owensboro. I do believe in our Constitution and Bill of Rights along with amendments bestowed upon our nation which clearly state separation between church and state. The United States of America is not the Vatican where church and state are one in the same. God/Jesus/Holy Spirit are all loving beings. We are ALL created in their image therefore all of humanity is blessed and devine in some respect and there are no mistakes if we are truly created in His image as all of humanity is a mirror image of Him. We see God/Jesus/Holy Spirit every day in the faces of those we encounter Birth control, pleasure and homosexual marriage do not turn us from His loving embrace rather it is racism, ageism, discrimination, murder, greed, jealously and the like which are the real culprits. Equalty is a Civil Rights issue not a religious issue.

    In the end when we die and are facing our maker we alone stand before Him to atone for our sins for our lifetime. Do you believe that when those who say horrible things about individuals in the LGBT community, those people who have persecuted others in the name of their religion, those who condem someone for not being straight…will they be absolved of their transgressions because they followed the teachings of the bible? It is something to ponder and discern. I believe that God/Jesus/Holy Spirit is a loving being and loves all that He created. In the end it’s just the one person and Him who must meet. There will be no church or priest or pope with us when we make our journey to heaven so why are we as a church so concerned about the final outcome.

    I wish you well in your studies and I hope that you will continue to explore life and culture as wisdom comes from life experiences. Namaste

    1. Jennifer, thank-you for your comments! I am always happy to discuss things with people. While I know that I will most likely not change your opinions, please allow me to explain a little further.

      I too as an American believe wholeheartedly in our Constitution and Bill of Rights and thank- God for them. But I also know that God is above all things. He is God, thus his law is over all other “man-made” laws. I follow all of the laws that our country has in place, why? because it is my duty as a citizen. Where I draw the line is when a man-made law interferes with God’s law. In Luke 20:25, Christ tells us: “Then repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.” As a faithful Catholic Christian, I do my civil duty, but I also do my religious duty, which surpasses all of my civil duties.

      I like the idea of a separation of church and state, but in reality and practice it does not just happen. Why? Because God’s law extends over all other laws. Thus in any aspect of a law, some aspect of religion can find its’ way in. Laws are especially influenced by God and religion when it comes to matters of morality and dignity of the people they are concerned with. Thus I find that it is nearly impossible and improbable for there to be an absolute separation of church and state. (There is a reason our founding fathers created the country and our Constitution/bill of Rights with Christian and Judeo influences.) On our currency, it says: “In God we trust”, but do we really anymore? It pains me to think that we don’t.

      Yes God/Jesus/Holy Spirit is a loving being. God is love, that is what we believe and what we know. We are all created in God’s image and likeness, not as a mirror image of God. To be a mirror image of God is to be like God. That is why Lucifer was cast out of Heaven, because he tried to be like God. We as humans cannot be exactly like God because he is perfect. He is God, we are not. That is a basic fact of life. As humans God created us and saw that we are good. God doesn’t do half-way jobs. But we are imperfect beings. We sin, we fall. Thus we cannot be mirror images of Him, who is the perfect one, the perfect being, the source and summit of everything good. Because of sin we make mistakes and are an imperfect people, but by our own choice, not by God’s doing. By our sin and failings we cause the mistakes in our lives.

      Yes, God is in everyone and we should treat all as Christ. We do in fact see Christ in everyone. All of the “false prophets” which I said and what you believe all turn us from God. They interrupt God’s divine law and separate us from his will, commandments, and plan. Homosexual marriage is not an issue of equality, because it goes against the truth. I hesitate to even discuss the debate on supposed homosexual marriage, because there are so many emotions that are tied into people’s views on the subject. As a faithful Catholic I cannot support the idea of homosexual marriage, because it does not exist in God’s will or plan as he has revealed to his people. It goes against the natural order of things and cannot be a marriage, because it cannot produce the covenantal bond that exists between a man and a woman in marriage. There can be no children produced from a homosexual couple’s love for one another, thus it cannot be marriage. On the issue of homosexuality we cannot hate those that are LGBT, that is very anti-Christian and against everything that Christ has instructed us. An old saying says to: “hate the sin, but love the sinner.” I have friends who are LGBT and I encourage them and pray for them each day that they will realize that they are called to live out their lives in a chaste manner. They are called by Christ to follow his law and commandments just as any other Christian. But they cannot do so and remain in sin. It is a hard thing for so many of the people in our world to deal with, but homosexuality happens and they are called to not act upon those urges, rather to use them to bring themselves and those around them closer to Christ. They are called to live in a way that glorifies God, and fulfills his law, especially that of marriage, chastity, and not sinning. These demands are not just placed on them, but all of the people of God. LGBT people can sometimes have a little more struggle than others.

      I believe that marriage is a religious matter, it is not about equality, because for equality to happen both parties have to be equal. Man and man are not equal to man and woman, they are missing the opposite sex that completes and complements their bodies.

      No, I do not think that those who persecute and say horrible things about LGBT people will be able to stand justly before God after their death. We are called to love all and greet all in the name and person of Christ, no matter who they are or what they believe. Anyone who persecutes someone for something is not a true follower of Christ, we as Christians should love all. If you look at the church’s response to LGBT movements, it is one of love. Of encouraging them to live chastely, to follow the commandments and laws of God, and to not be in a relationship or participate in sexual activities with members of the same sex. The Catholic church LOVES those that are LGBT. While some in the church may not, the actual church does. We love them and care for them, which is why Mother church asks them to live chastely for Christ. She knows that it is hard to have to deal with things like being LGBT and she strives to ensure that all are treated fairly and well.

      God loves all no matter what they do. He loves the sinner, but hates the sin that separates us from him. I am a sinner, we are all sinners before God, but we come to him and ask him for his love, mercy, and forgiveness. At the moment of death when we stand in judgement, yes we stand alone for our sins, but we are also held accountable for the times when we could have helped others and shown them the right path to salvation. It is the priest who welcomes the newborn at Baptism and brings them through the saving waters into Christ’s family and church. It is through the priest, that a person’s sins are forgiven and from the priest that they receive the Bread of Life. It is through the priest who stands in place of God and the community as a man and woman declare their wedding vows. It is the priest who anoints the body of the person as they lie sick and dying in bed. It is the priest who gives them Viaticum (food for the journey) before death. And finally it is the priest who prepares and commends the soul back to God. The priest is there through every part of our earthly lives. He helps us to recognize the ways we fail and brings us God’s love and mercy. The priest stands in representation of the whole church and dedicates his entire life to making sure that we are prepared and ready to enter Heaven. The church has everything to do with what happens when we die. That is the reason for the church. The church aids us as we all go along the path to our deaths, which then become a birth into Eternal life. The church is there the whole time, and when we stand before God, we stand with those members of the church triumphant who welcome us home and stand with us as Christ says: “Well done my good and faithful servant. Come and share your Master’s joy.” The church wants Christ to tell us that, so she serves as a moral compass in our lives pointing us towards the right and away from the wrong.

      I think that we have a lot to work on in response to showing love to those who deal with trials, especially the LGBT movement. But all we have shown them is love and the movement continues to show hate and violence. I pray that one day they will come home and be at peace and listen to the reasons as to what the church teaches. She has been guiding souls home to Christ for 2000 years and knows her stuff. IF only we place our faith and trust in her…

      Thank-you Jennifer for your comment and for your warm wishes! I apologize for my response being so long, but there were a lot of things to discuss. Please know of my prayers for you and I ask for your prayers for me. Without prayers and help for one another the road to Heaven can be a long and tiresome one! God bless you!

      +In His Mercy,

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