A Protestant attends Catholic Adoration and the Transcendental Beauty of the Catholic Liturgy

Over at Gungor music, Michael Gungor blogged a while back about his experience at a Catholic youth festival during Adoration. I highly encourage you to read his post here. Lex orandi, lex credendi is a mnemonic for the idea that “the law of prayer is the law of belief.” (What we pray, is what we believe.) We as Catholics are known largely by the way in which we worship. A Catholic liturgy celebrated in accord with the rubrics and norms of the church leads the faithful present to the upper room. Through the liturgy man is able to encounter Christ in the most intimate, inspiring, and beautiful ways. Michael Gungor experienced a little of this during adoration, but Catholics can experience it all of the time. 

From beautiful churches, with Gothic arches, steeples, Stained Glass, cruciform shape:St.-Joseph-MaconIMG_0103

To our use of incense, which guides the mind and heart to another world through clouds of smoke, and the sweet, yet bitter smell:


To our use of candlesRome_Pilgrimmage_1_Feb__2006_189 incense adorationTo the mystery  and solemn reverence of our funeral rites, commending the soul to God…

hprefr131212funeralphoto copy 4

To our use of beautiful vestments, vessels, relics, and appointments, or the colors that change with the seasons…




Pope leaves on wheeled platform after celebrating Ash Wednesday Mass at Vatican

Or to our use of servers, ministers, and those who assist in the Liturgy…IMG_2580To our use of decorations, implements, sacramentals, and objects…

MM06 051_a


The Catholic Liturgy is centuries old, and is truly a celebration of the Ages.The Mass in all of its form, brings the heart, mind, and soul to Heaven. It is a slice of true beauty. Ours is a faith of smells, and bells. It is a tangible and concrete  faith. Our former Vice-Rector at Bruté, when “subbing” for Fr. Bob one day in class, told us that he likes to think of the Sacraments as being “messy.” We use oil, fire, water, smells, tastes, hearing, sight. Things are meant to be experienced, to be felt, to engage in a very real and sacred way, what is actually happening.

Michael Gungor experienced some of the “beauty of our Faith” during adoration. He witnessed the joy and love that is present in the Liturgy, he witnessed Christ come to earth, under the forms of bread and of wine. He didnt witness a Latin Mass or a Novus Ordo Mass, he didn’t witness an ordination or an installation of a Bishop. He witnessed adoration. He witnessed Christ in his fullness. He witnessed the beauty, simplicity, and joy of his savior. He witnessed real Catholic Liturgy. The type of liturgy which draws us out of ourselves and into praising God. To God be the glory!


This blog post is an extension of my blog post on Transcendental Beauty


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I'm a Priest of the Diocese of Owensboro, KY and Parochial Vicar of Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Bowling Green, KY.

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